Hyam and friends

Hello everybody,

Hyam the cat who talked too much

Welcome to HYAM THE CAT's website.

As we will, I hope, be having a long and happy correspondence, perhaps we should call ourselves Friends of Hyam - then I would know how to address you. So I will start again.

A charitable cat
Dear Friends,

So began my first message when we opened our new website, explaining that I am Pamela Douglas, the author of HYAM, THE CAT WHO TALKED TOO MUCH and hoping that we would correspond with each other from time to time. I can now introduce you to our new additions to the book, which include a wonderful selection of good quality gifts, clothes and other merchandise, all with the special Hyam logo, which you can view and buy from CAFEPRESS.COM and also our STAR a lovely Beanie-type black cat called HYAM - the HYAM from the book - available as you see above - just a click away.I hope you will enjoy the book and all the extras. With best wishes to you all,

Beanie Hyam the CatBeanie-type Hyam Beanie Hyam the Cat
A funny cat

See the new Beanie-type Hyam cuddly toy here
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